Legislation and Regulation

State or Territory Government
Applicable legislation for geothermal exploration
South Australia
Petroleum and Geothermal Energy Act 2000
Regulates licensing and activity approvals for upstream petroleum, geothermal, gas storage and petroleum pipeline projects. An 'over the counter' system, where explorers can apply for those areas desired. Licences co-exist with existing mineral and petroleum exploration titles.
Geothermal Energy Resources Act 2005
Regulates large-scale commercial and sustainable exploration and extraction of geothermal energy resources.
New South Wales
Mining Act 1992
Governs geothermal exploration, which is considered as Group 8 - Geothermal Substances. Application for a Group 8 geothermal exploration licence requires the Ministers consent.
Geothermal Exploration Act 2004
Applies a competitive permit system to encourage and facilitate efficient and responsible exploration.
Mineral Resources Development Act 1995
Geothermal tenements are granted as a Category 6 mineral 'Special Exploration Licence' (SEL). An 'over the counter' system, where explorers can apply for those areas wanted for exploration. Licences can co-exist with existing or future minerals and petroleum exploration titles.
Western Australia
Petroleum and Geothermal Energy Resources Act 1967
Provides legislative coverage for the exploration and recovery of both conventional (hydrothermal) geothermal energy and EGS (hot dry rock) geothermal energy. Does not cover non-commercial uses or heat pumps.
Northern Territory
Geothermal Energy Act 2009
Provides for 'over the counter' application for geothermal authorities over most of the territory. Intent is to reserve a relativley small region around Katherine area for later tendered release.