Technical Interest Groups

The Australian Geothermal Energy Group (AGEG) has twelve (12) Technical Interest Groups (TIGs) which focus on topics of high priority with the purpose of sharing information and industry-wide learning with maximum effect and efficiency.

Information on the AGEG Technical Interest Groups can be found on each group's respective page via the table below. 

Emails of each group leader are also supplied.

AGEG Technical Interest Group (TIGs)  Purpose - Share information to learn-while doing with maximum effect and efficiency TIG Leaders with email addresses
(See TIG Summary Sheets for TIG Members)

Communication, Consultation and Community Issues

Water Management and Environmental Sustainability
Include environmental sustainability and consultation

TIG Co-Leaders: Steve Kennedy, VIC Department of Primary Industries

Reserves and Resources (Code Committee)
AGEG-AGEA Reporting Code Committee
TIG Leader: Peter Reid, Petratherm
Induced Seismicity

Research and stakeholder consultation processes including communication strategies
TIG Co-Leaders:
Mike Malavazos, PIRSA

Barry Goldstein, PIRSA
Includes conferences and web postings
TIG Leader: Betina Bendall,  PIRSA

Australian Partnership for Geothermal Technologies (APGT)

A Joint Venture of the Australian Geothermal Energy Group (AGEG - Industry, Government & Research Organisation and the Australian Geothermal Energy Association (AGEA - the peak industry representative body)
Economic Modelling
Includes methodology and technology for economic modelling and novel geothermal energy use.

TIG Leader: Stephen Hinchliffe,
Sinclair Knight Merz

Power Plants Includes CO2 cycles, efficiency,

TIG Co-Leaders:
Hal Gurgenci, University of Queensland

Behdad Moghtaderi, University of Newcastle

Direct Use
Foci including ground-source pumps, other heating, cooling and novel non-electric uses.

TIG Co-Leaders:
Klaus Regenauer-Lieb,
CSIRO / University WA

Donald Payne,
University of Melbouren / Direct Energy

Information and Data
Databases, standards, accessibility, Lexicon etc
TIG Leader: Anthony Budd,
Geoscience Australia
Reservoir development and Engineering
Foci include reservoir characterisation, reservoir modelling, geochemistry and reservoir stimulation

TIG Leader: Peter Dowd,
University of Adelaide

10 Exploration & Well Log Technologies
Foci include geophysical methods, pre-drill play predictions and high T logging.

TIG Leader: Des Fitzgerald,
Intrepid Geophysics

Drilling and Well Construction
Foci include temp. fracture sealing, zonal isolation, packers, pumps and excl well logs and stimulation

TIG Leader: Melanie Vonthethoff,
Senerby Econnect


Includes courses, lectures, contemt for curriculum, student work experience and international post-grad exchange.
TIG Co-Leaders:
Martin Hand, University of Adelaide

Klaus Gessner, Universityof WA

AGEG held its 5th TIGs meetings on the 20th and 21st of November 2008.

The meetings brought together industry, research and government professionals and provided the opportunity for TIG leaders to present updates on their TIG activities and plans for future work. TIG reports presented for each group can be found in their respective TIG pages.

Discussions were held on both days on the topic of how to prioritise the TIG activities with the creation of a technical advisory committee being an outcome of the meetings. The technical advisory committee will review topics covered by the Technical Interest Groups and ensure the right TIGs are in place.

The Agenda of the meetings is available for download.
Attendance lists are available for Day 1 and Day 2.

There were a number of informative presentations on both days which have been made available.

Presenter and Affiliation/Organisation
Australian Geothermal Energy Group meetings, Thursday 20th & Friday 21st November 2008
Barry Goldstein, PIRSA, AGEG Chair
TIG 1 Co-Leader
Australian Code for Reporting Geothermal Resources and Reserves
Adrian Williams, Geodynamics,
TIG 2 past Leader
TIG 6 Geothermal Power Generation - Report Presentation
Behdad Moghtaderi, University of Newcastle,
TIG 6 Co-Leader
TIG 7 Direct Use - Report Presentation
Donald Payne, EnergyCore
TIG 7 Co-Leader
World Geothermal Congress (WGC) 2015 expression of interest
Tony Hill, PIRSA
TIG 8 Leader
TIG10 b Field Operations: Geophysical operations - tools and methods
Helen Gibson, Intrepid Geophysics
On behalf of Des Fitzgerald
TIG 10 b Leader
The Geothermal Technology Program:A Renaissance
Alan Jelacic,
U.S. Department of Energy