Investment Opportunities

Current tenements
A map showing current petroleum tenements and geothermal tenements including infrastructure in South Australia (.PDF) 181KB is available for download.

The Earth Resources Information Sheet P1 gives details of Holders of Petroleum and Geothermal tenements in South Australia (.PDF).

Offshore tenements
A map of offshore petroleum tenements  (.PDF) 526KB using data from Geosciences Australia is available for download.

Details about offshore acreage releases are available on Australian Government Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism website

Prospectivity in South Australia
Summaries and geological overviews are available for Basins and Provinces in South Australia.

Details about previous acreage releases are also available.

South Australia has large regions of interpreted high crustal temperature associated with buried granite intrusives at depths greater than 3 km. These form key exploration targets for geothermal energy. The Department of State Development's dedicated geothermal site gives more information about investment opportunities for the geothermal energy industry.

PACE Initiative
Under the Plan for Accelerating Exploration (PACE) Initiative funding is available for proposals from industry to undertake cooperative petroleum or geothermal exploration drilling projects.

Access to Data
Department of State Development, Energy Resources have a wide range of data available to aid exploration. These include:

  • relational databases (PEPS - attribute and spatial) containing technical information and mapping data
  • online datasets including tenement data, spatial geotechnical data and ancillary data such as topography
  • seismic data including a comprehensive digital data set of shotpoint locations and associated attribute data, section databases, an uphole database, field seismic data, survey reports and maps
  • drilling data covering well completion reports, well log database, core photos and thin sections.

More information about data available, including free downloads, is available under Data and Publications

For more information on data contact:
Alan Sansome, Manager of Geological Compliance,
Energy Resources Division,
Manufacturing, Innovation, Trade, Resources and Energy,
GPO Box 1264, Adelaide SA 5001.
Phone: +61 8 8463 3221 Fax: +61 8 8463 3229