Compliance / Enforcement Policy

Compliance/Enforcement Policy 

The key concept underlying the enforcement of the Petroleum and Geothermal Energy Act 2000 is that the basic responsibility for detecting and rectifying non-compliance lies with the licensee or individual, not the regulator.

The Petroleum and Geothermal Energy Act Compliance Policy - June 2010 version (PDF 278kb) outlines the range of enforcement tools available to Department of State Development for various key requirements of the Petroleum and Geothermal Energy Act, Petroleum and Geothermal Energy Regulations 2000, licence conditions and Statements of Environmental Objectives (SEOs). This policy was compiled using the openness and transparency principles of the Petroleum Act, and was subject to a public consultation process during 2005.

The article, Development of a compliance policy for the Petroleum Act 2000 (PDF ), outlines the principles used as a guide to the development and implementation of Department of State Development's compliance policy and discusses enforcement tools available to obtain compliance.

Regulatory philosophy and approaches are discussed in the following:


Energy Resources Division's Annual Petroleum and Geothermal Energy Act Compliance Reports

The Division produces annual reports of statewide compliance with the Petroleum and Geothermal Energy Act 2000.

Petroleum and Geothermal Energy Act compliance reports are publicly available.