Types of Licences

Exploration Licence (GEL)

A geothermal  exploration licence (GEL) authorises the licensee to carry out in the licence area exploratory operations for regulated resources, and operations to establish the nature and extent of a discovery and the feasibility of production.

Retention Licence (GRL)

A geothermal retention licence (GRL) provides an exploration licensee with security of title over currently non-commercial discoveries for a reasonable period of time until they become commercial.

Production Licence (GPL)

When a discovery is made that warrants production in an area of an exploration licence, the licensee is entitled to a geothermal production licence (GPL) over the discovery area.

Pipeline Licence

The Petroleum and Geothermal Energy Act provides for the granting of pipeline licences (PLs) for the purpose of constructing and operating a transmission pipeline for carrying petroleum or another regulated substance (as defined in the Act). A PL can be held for a term of up to 21 years with rights of renewal.

Preliminary and Speculative Survey Licences

A preliminary survey licence (PSL) authorises the licensee to carry out a survey, environmental evaluation or other form of assessment preparatory to the carrying out of regulated activities on land, for example for the purpose of surveying the proposed route of an onshore transmission pipeline prior to applying for a PL. A speculative survey licence (SSL) authorises the licensee to carry out exploratory operations of the kind specified in the licence.

Associated Activities Licence

An associated activities licence (AAL) authorises the licensee to establish and operate associated facilities on land outside the area of the primary licence. An associated facility is anything that is reasonably necessary for, or incidental to, carrying on regulated activities in the area of, or the vicinity of, the primary licence area.

Special Facilities Licence 

A special facilities licence (SFL) authorises the licensee to establich and operate facilities for the purposes involving or associated with:

1. searching for any regulated substance, or

2. processing any regulated substance, or

3. producing or generating energy from a source of geothermal energy, or

4. other activities that may be relevant or incidental to searching for any regulated substance or processing, producing or storing any regulated substance or a product derived from a regulated substance.

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