Introducing a new FREE downloadable version of PEPS-SA

(windows version only)

A full set of data and software is available when extracted.

Once you have downloaded and extracted the files to you computer, you will need to install the BDE software found in the BDE directory prior to running PEPS-SA.

Please read the readme.pdf file in the Help folder for information on how to install PEPS-SA.

Download PEPS-SA from SARIG  (.ZIP - 65 MB)


Petroleum Exploration and Production System — South Australia (PEPS-SA® or PEPS®) is a comprehensive relational database containing a wide range of technical data relevant to the petroleum industry. Users can view the data in form or table mode (new), export individual tables or carry out complex multi-table queries and export the answer to various improved formats (Excel, Paradox or ASCII etc.).

The key data for petroleum exploration are the petroleum well and seismic line data. For each well or seismic line there are thousands of attributes. In PEPS, key data have been allocated into comprehensive data modules, including well, seismic, engineering and ancillary information. There are eight modules comprising 95 data sets. There are substantive indexes to other types of data.

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