Seismic Data

Shotpoint database

Department of State Development, Energy Resources Division’s shotpoint database is a comprehensive digital data set of shotpoint locations and associated attribute data from over 750 surveys carried out since 1955 in the state and adjacent waters to latitude 40ºS. It includes a total of over 340 000 km of 2D seismic data and 11 400 km2 of 3D seismic data. This data is maintained using ArcGIS and is stored as both lines and points. The index to this data and summary information are available in PEPS.

Digital data are available for purchase in various formats on CD or DVD. As an example, the Cooper Basin shotpoint database costs A$75 for the coordinate data for ~100 000 km of seismic lines. Specific hardcopy maps can be prepared for any area upon request.

Seismic section database

A comprehensive database exists for the entire library of ~38 000 hardcopy seismic sections. Key attribute data such as scale, date of processing, processing contractor, form of processing and shotpoint range have been captured for each section and are available as a module of PEPS. All seismic sections have been scanned and are available as TIFF images. This digital data set comprises over 170 GB and is set up to allow rapid provision of data to customers. Since ~1995, displays of processed seismic sections have been submitted in digital (CGM) format. Sections are now available in digital form (as CGM or TIFF files) for A$5 per line.

Seismic stack (archive SEG Y) database

To assist explorers in the assessment of their licence areas the Department of State Development has made available workstation-ready SEGY datasets (projects) that have been tied, bulk time adjusted and have had key attribute data inserted into standard byte locations in trace headers.

The following SEGY projects are currently available:

 The following SEGY projects will be made available within the near future:

    * Great Australian Bight workstation dataset

Field Seismic data

An archive collection of digital and analogue seismic field records is held by the Department of State Development for almost all seismic lines recorded onshore in South Australia. Digital records are stored on Exabyte or 3590 tapes in SEG Y, or as an original SEG field format.

Copy costs are A$10 per 2D line or A$100 per input 3D tape, plus consumables (tapes).

Ancillary data

There is an extensive collection of field support data that complements the seismic field tapes and facilitates reprocessing of the seismic field records. This includes observers logs, surveyors notes, uphole data, mudmaps, listings etc. The majority of the data is held on a line-by-line basis and is supplemented by survey general dossiers.

Some 250 000 pages of these ancillary seismic field documents have been scanned, covering the key hardcopy material stored. The scanned images have been captured as multi-page TIFF files and collated on a line-by-line basis.

Copy costs are A$5 per seismic line.

Seismic survey reports

All relevant seismic survey reports (operational and interpretive) have been scanned. The open file reports are available as bookmarked multi-page PDF files (with plans embedded) on CD. Copy costs are A$10 per report.


Regional interpretations of basin structure have been completed for the major onshore basins (including Cooper, Eromanga, Pedirka–Simpson and Otway) and parts of the offshore Otway basin. These projects have consolidated open file basic and interpreted data into coherent data sets.

The South Australian Cooper Basin seismic mapping data package, covering many horizons and isopachs, contains 64 digital data sets and costs A$7000 for all data files. The package includes depth maps, which have been correlated with well depth. Individual files are available for A$150–$300 each. A folio of maps is available for A$200 per CD or A$600 per hardcopy volume.

Department of State Development has also mapped the Eromanga and Pedirka basins within South Australia. Similar mapping products are available as for the Cooper Basin, with individual map files available for A$200–$300, or A$6000 for all 40 data files. Hardcopy maps are available for A$60.

The South Australian Cooper and Eromanga data sets have been merged with similar data sets from Queensland, Northern Territory and New South Wales in a National Geoscience Mapping Accord project. Three horizon maps and three isopach maps have been produced for the C, P and Z horizons. These vast data sets are available for A$1800 per file, A$200 per hardcopy map or A$900 for plot or PDF files.

The Otway Basin data set covering on and offshore areas was upgraded in 2000 to incorporate information recorded between 1992 and 1998. Four depth and time horizons and complementary isopachs are available for A$120 per grid or contour file, or A$1200 for all 24 files. Hardcopy maps or plot files are available for A$60 each, or A$350 for all 13 depth and isopach contour maps.

Uphole database

An extensive database of all known seismic uphole data within the state is maintained and available from PEPS. The data comprises hole location, seismic line reference, time–depth pairs, elevation and, where available, lithologies intersected. The data is used for processing corrections of seismic field data, and is available as an ASCII file or as a stand-alone database in Paradox format. Attributes for over 47 000 upholes are held in the database. The data are available on CD at a cost of A$100 for the entire module.